What you need to know about the Schnoodle

schnoodle-51If you are going to get a Schnoodle you may be wondering what you need to know about Schnoodles so that you will be able to enjoy spending time with your pet. Schnoodles are not purebred dogs but are a cross between the Poodle and Schnauzer, displaying characteristics of the both these breeds of dogs. They are popular for their winning combination of their stockier build and blockier heads along with gorgeous teddy bear faces. Their great personality complements their adorable face very well which makes them the preferred choice when it comes to selecting a great family pet. They are smart, funny, charming and alert in nature — due to their double dose of Poodle and Schnauzer attentiveness which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Schnoodles are small on size with curly coats that needs to be clipped regularly.
These dogs are known as active dogs with gentle dispositions, full of personality, few health problems and long life spans. Since this breed of dog is less allergenic, it can easily fit into any household with pet allergies. Schnoodles socialize well with children and can also live in homes with multiple pets.

These dogs are considered as an intelligent breed as you can train them for therapy dogs who can actively participate in agility training. They are non-shedding as they from their non-shedding parents that make them a perfect choice for people who are allergic to dogs or who do not want to clean dog hairs. They are considered as great family pets as they are obedient and intelligent family companions who are completely devoted to their family. They are very comfortable with children, other pets in the family and are friendly with strangers. Schnoodles are known to be social dogs that are happiest when surrounded by people as they love socializing. This breed of dogs are very eager to please, easy to train and always ready to learn new things. They can weight anything in between 6 to 76 pounds with a large variety of fur textures and coat colors as majority of these dogs resembles a mixture of both their Poodle and Schnauzer parents but the latter influences the appearance of these breed of dog.

schnoodle-30The coat texture of Schnoodles can range from silky to wavy, straight and tightly curled fur as most of the coats are very fine in texture. The tightly curled coats of these dogs are much softer than the tight curls of Poodle but wavy, silky fur is far more prevalent. Since their furs are low maintenance and non-shedding, it can be groomed at home. There are different coat color variations which includes black, brown, white, tan, grey, apricot, black with tan markings, tan with white markings and silver.

Schnoodles have square body with straight back that slope from shoulders to can feet and tail. These dogs carry their tails straight or upright in the air when happy and active but if they are sad or nervous, they tuck their tails down. They have a moderate activity level that is adapted according to the lifestyle of their owners. Hence they need active playtime and nice walk every day as they also indulge in dog sports like rally, obedience, flyball and agility.