Meet our newest champion, “Ch. Majestic Joy China Rose”
Welcome to Majestic Joy Papillons

Our dogs have always been a “Joy” in our lives. We consider them gifts, and are committed to preserving and nurturing this delightful breed in every way possible. They are our “Majestic Joy”.

Our Mission Statement
Majestic Joy’s, “Pursuing Excellence” is our commitment of developing a sound and elegant looking Papillon that fulfills the Breed Standard and is a wonderful family pet which can also be shown in conformation or perform obedience as well as agility.

Our Philosophy
Majestic Joy’s working philosophy is simple; to maintain a sound, successful breeding program by utilizing scientific genetic resources for the correct breed standard traits. We are serious in our commitment in producing quality dogs, and we know that careful selection and time are two ingredients which have no substitutes. Majestic Joy’s ultimate success depends upon our ability to successfully select the puppies which are kept for showing and breeding. Although no single breeder will always be 100% successful, utilizing a scientific approach gives us a better than average opportunity for a Papillon that excels and is true to breed standards of physical appearance, temperament and attitude.

Group Affiliations
Papillon Club of America – USA
Greater Chicagoland Papillon Club- Illinois
Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club – England
Crab Orchard Kennel Club-Illinois

Dr. James Bates: Veterinarian and owner of DuQuoin Veterinarian Clinic, DuQuoin, IL, 618-542-4472

Dr. Wayne Hurliman: Veterinarian and owner of Flora Veterinarian Clinic, Flora, IL, 618-662-4176

Ann Gross- Friedley: Tamoroa, IL, Good friend that handles for Majestic Joy and we attend dog shows together , 618-496-5457 agfriedley@hotmail.com

Liz Doyle: Clarksville, TN, Breeder and Friend,also shows Shelties hollydalek@aol.com

Suzanne Wlison: Mayfeild, Ky, Breeder and Friend, magnolia@galaxycable.net

Glaria Meriwether: Paducah, Ky, Breeder and Friend, foobedo@comcast.net

Many people have entered my life, both personally and professionally and they all have contributed to it. I will always be thankful for their caring, support and wisdom. Below are some comments:

Mrs. Leona Domino: Ldomino309@aol.com
“I’ve known Rita Koy for years and I have no negative comments. Rita behaves appropriately with selling pet puppies only with a spay/neuter agreement, encouraging responsible breeding and selling: the mark of a dedicated breeder. Rita is a member of the Papillon Club of America and is in good standing. You should get a pedigree (family tree), AKC registration papers (probably a limited registration) health records and a contract between buyer and seller…”

Stacy K. Harris: Attorney, Indiana. , owner of Majestic Joy Papillons (U-CD Domino’s Wild Card CDX, CGC) &( Majestic Joy Pay The Piper). Stacy shows and trains in obedience as well as Conformation. “I met Rita a couple years ago, when I considering a Papillon for obedience. During one of our discussions Rita mentioned that “Ace” is a fanatic retriever; that caught my attention. I went to her house to meet Ace. He was very bonded to Rita, her dogs adore her. I noticed that all Rita’s dogs had wonderful, out-going personalities and they are very flashy and bold, the epitome of Papillon personality. Ace displayed such drive and was so lovely, I could not have asked for a better dog. I took him home. Ace is a marvelous dog and I kept in touch with Rita since. When I decided to get another Papillon for obedience, and for conformation. I knew it would be from Rita. I met Piper when he was 9 weeks old, and went to pick him up at 12 weeks. He has a great temperament, loves everything, is intensely smart and very good-looking. He earned his first 2 points, the first time in the ring, at 6 months old. What I especially appreciate is Rita’s ability to match her puppies/dogs with future owners. I highly recommend getting a Majestic Joy Papillon! …” Please feel free to contact me personally by email or phone. You can see Ace and Piper on my Website: http://www.wildcardpapillons.com

Carol Morris: Breeder, and Co-breeder of a litter with Majestic Joy Papillons, CinciPap@cinci.rr.com
“I’ve known Rita for many years. We talk several times a year by telephone and at the dog shows. It’s been my experience that she continues to be available as a friend and mentor once a Majestic Joy Papillon is placed in a new home. New “family members” are placed carefully, in suitable homes. Rita delivers follow-up support for as long as needed or wanted. I ‘ve never heard of a Majestic Joy puppy buyer who has not been treated fairly.”

Garoleen Wilson: Breeder, and Co-breeder with Majestic Joy Papillons. wilsong@ruraltel.net
“I co-owned Ruby with Rita for a couple of years and we co-bred 2 litters together. She is honest and easy to work with. I trusted her with one of my dogs and I think she would honestly represent any dog she may offer for sale. Good Luck in finding a Papillon suited to you. They are worth the wait.”